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As you know, equine wellness doesn't happen in a vacuum. It takes a community of caring professionals to ensure your horse is happy and healthy--physically, emotionally & mentally. Undoubtedly you already have a vet, a farrier, and perhaps other equine professionals you work with, and that is fantastic! We are all about relationships and community.


On this page we list some of the wonderful equine professionals WE work with, just in case you are looking for ideas. (WHW does not receive advertising dollars to list our wellness partners on this page.)

Lisa Devlin, DC

Chiropractor (both human & equine)

Email: drlisa@lisadevlin.com

Phone: 650-279-4676

Valarie Fox

Fox Equine Rescue & Youth Horsemanship Center

Horsemanship & Riding Lessons

Email: foxequinerescue@gmail.com

Phone: 510-396-7067

These therapies are NOT intended to replace proper veterinary or medical care.

Service Area: SF Peninsula, San Jose & Santa Cruz Mountains, CA


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