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Pony Partner Sponsorship Club

Who are Pony Partners?

Pony Partners are caring local 501(c)3 not-for-profit organizations with whom Whole Horse Wellness has developed a relationship, and who create transformative positive impact on Equine & Human Physical, Mental and Social-Emotional Wellness.


How do I become a Pony Partner Sponsor?

Easy! Just email Alice R Collins here!

Why should I sponsor a Pony Partner? What's in it for me?

Whole Horse Wellness believes that all horses deserve to be well and to live their best lives. Unfortunately, many organizations creating amazing positive impact for equines and their humans, can not afford the equine bodywork that helps these beautiful beings not just survive, but thrive! When you become a Pony Partner Sponsor you assist our Pony Partners to receive equine wellness care at greatly reduced prices they can more easily afford, an 80% or greater discount!

As a Pony Partner Sponsor, you/your business receive(s) public acknowledgement on our brochures, website, FB posts etc.

How does the program work?

As a Pony Partner Sponsor, you choose a specific Pony Partner to sponsor from the list of Pony Partners we have identified. You choose the dollar amount, and provide the funds. We work with the specific Pony Partner to schedule their Whole Horse Wellness bodywork visits, and you get the recognition and the great feeling that comes from knowing you are helping horses thrive!

What are the funding levels?

A Pony Partner Sponsorship of $100 allows us to offer 1 week of bodywork to a Pony Partner Non-Profit Equine Rescue for just $20. (8 $100 sponsors = full 8-week program).


A Pony Partner Silver Heart Sponsorship of $400 allows us to offer a 4-week Wellness Boost program to a Non-Profit Equine Rescue for just $80 total. (2 $400 sponsors = full 8-week program)


A Pony Partner Golden Heart Sponsorship of $800 allows us to offer a full 8-week Pony Partner Wellness Program to a Non-Profit Equine Rescue for just $160 total.

Both Silver & Golden Heart level sponsors receive framed certificates to display.

Golden Heart level sponsors also receive periodic progress reports and a photo of the horse your sponsorship is helping.

Our Eight-week Pony Partner Wellness program focuses on 2 specific wellness goals for the individual horse. The wellness intent of the program is for the horse to make significant progress towards their wellness goals, as we at WHW help address and unwind compensating behaviors that may be disguising the root cause of whatever the issue is.

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