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Help Your Horse Recover from Wildfire Trauma!

Register now for our our touch-based Equine Wildfire Recovery Program.

We get it! Wildfires can cause major stress & trauma for horses and their humans, including...

  • Evacuation Stress: noisy, crowded large animal evacuation centers, missing their equine friends, their people and their normal routine.

  • Physical trauma: smoke inhalation, poor air quality, escape injury, burns (etc.)

  • Mental/Emotional trauma: Uncertainty, evacuation stress, loss of homes, loss of familiar landscapes (etc.)


Whole Horse Wellness can help!

This program is specifically geared to speed equine recovery from wildfire trauma, bringing improved wellness to the horse, and peace of mind to the rider.


Benefits of WHW's therapeutic Equine Wildfire Recovery program:

  • Relieves stress, anxiety & emotional trauma using equine craniosacral therapy

  • Opens airways & clears lungs and bronchial pathways using acupressure therapy

  • Improves immune function and flow for a more robust immune system, (ECST predominantly)

  • Assists overall improvement of health and mood (using both therapies).*

Contact us for available appointment times

Total Cost: $480 (4 weekly visits @ $120 per visit & post-program progress evaluation)


WHW recognizes that many wildfire survivors are experiencing financial challenges, and as our desire is to provide compassionate care to horses and their owners, if you are unable to pay full fees, we are happy to work with you to create an affordable program payment plan.


For more information and/or to register, email

*This program may even reduce the possibility of secondary issues caused by smoke, poor air quality and stress. These therapies are not intended to replace proper veterinary care.

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