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Welcome to Whole Horse Wellness, where we are dedicated to enhancing the health and well-being of your equine companion. Alice's tailored bodywork services are designed to support and maintain your horse's natural wellness and body condition. Whether your horse is involved in dressage, trail riding, performance, lessons, provides emotional support, or is going through rehab, regular bodywork is essential for releasing stress and maintaining proper body posture, movement and tone.
Her comprehensive approach encompasses bodywork, massage, CST, and TBT skeletal alignment, all aimed at promoting your horse's overall wellness. She understands the importance of consistent care, which is why scheduling regular bodywork sessions, whether weekly, bi-weekly or monthly, is crucial for your horse's ongoing wellness and happiness.

Alice's approach focuses on revealing and addressing compensating behaviors, ensuring your horse's core issues are properly identified and resolved.

To schedule a session or discover more about how Alice can support your horse, click below or call her at 650-533-8882.

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