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Single Equine Wellness Visit

Intended to provide relief from a specific issue affecting the horse's comfort/gait. Intended Outcome: Better comfort/freer movement. $120/hour per horse

4-Visit Equine Wellness Boost 

Intended to boost equine wellness by addressing a specific owner/guardian specified wellness goal for the horse. Actual wellness path will vary based on the horse's needs. Intended Outcome: Noticeable improvement in horse's comfort, posture, gait and/or performance. 4 Weekly Visits, $150 visit/per horse

4-Month Signature Equine Wellness Program

This individually tailored, holistic, needs-based, goal-focused equine wellness program is intended to unwind negative and/or compensating behaviors, allowing us to identify and address the underlying issues affecting the horse's comfort, gait, posture, stance, stability, balance and/or performance. Intended Outcome: Transformative improvement to the horse's overall wellbeing. 4 months of weekly visits, $800 month/per horse

Equine Wellness Maintenance Plan

(post 4-Month Signature Equine Wellness Program completion) Ongoing visits on a bi-weekly/occasional basis, depending on need. $120/hour per horse

Equine Bodywork Demo Exchange Program

(once COVID19 guidelines allow non-essential gatherings)

This is a service exchange in lieu of payment program.

YOU receive a no-cost 45-60 minute equine bodywork session for one of the horses in your care, which we'll use as our demo horse (a $120 value). All you need to do is arrange for 6-8 interested individuals to be in attendance to observe our bodywork demo. In exchange, WE receive access to potential clients, and intro into your equine community. This is a win-win for both of us!

To enroll in one of our Equine Wellness programs:

Email: alice@wholehorsewellness.com

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  • All programs include initial assessment, including owner/guardian consultation and hands-on assessment of horse. Scope of assessment will vary, depending on program type.

  • All programs are multi-modality (including Equine Craniosacral Therapy, Equine Myo-Manipulative Functional Therapy, and/or Equine Acupressure).

  • Multi-Visit programs are goals-focused, needs-based

  • Multi-Visit programs include monthly wellness progress report.

  • Multi-Visit programs will include weekly owner/guardian check-ins, visit recap and supportive wellness actions assigned to owner/guardian to support/maintain equine wellness between visits.

  • Clients enrolled in Multi-Visit programs will receive Before/After photos (post program).

  • Mandatory NEW CLIENT intake process requires completion of in-depth paperwork packet (per horse).