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Enroll in an Equine Wellness Program Now
(Sessions generally run between 1 hour to 1 1/2 hours)

Trauma Release

One of the most powerful ways I work with horses is trauma release.

Whether your horse has had a bad experience, accident, stumble or fall, is a rescue, had an injury, experiencing regression, hold space for others as a therapy horse, or has simply become grumpy or irritable, etc, trauma release can help bring them back to the happy horse they were. In severe cases of former abuse and neglect, trauma release can help them overcome the fight/flight response and move into the relaxed state of feeling safe which then allows for building trust and partnership.

  Please Note: This process takes time. I go at the horses             pace and ability to process and release

   ~  $250/hour per horse


Single Equine Wellness Visit

Intended to provide relief from a specific issue affecting the horse's comfort/gait. Intended Outcome: Better comfort/freer movement.

  • $250/hour per horse

4-Visit Equine Wellness Boost 

Intended to boost equine wellness by addressing a specific owner/guardian specified wellness goal for the horse. Actual wellness path will vary based on the horse's needs. Intended Outcome: Noticeable improvement in horse's comfort, posture, gait and/or performance. 4 Weekly Visits,

  • $240/hour per horse

8-Visit Wellness Blast Program

Focusing on 1-2 specific owner-determined equine goals, this program is intended to unwind the compensating behaviors that can disguise underlying equine wellness issues, affecting the horse's comfort, gait, posture, stance, stability, balance, functionality, precision and/or performance. Intended Outcome: Significant improvement in the horse's overall wellbeing & functionality. NOTE: This is a great program for performance horses!

8 weekly visits,

  • $230/hour per horse

4-6 Month Signature Equine Wellness Program

The focus of this individually tailored, holistic, needs-based, goal-focused equine wellness program is to unwind negative and/or compensating behaviors, allowing us to identify and address underlying issues affecting the horse's comfort, gait, posture, stance, flexibility, stability, balance and/or performance. Intended Outcome: Transformative improvement to the horse's overall wellbeing. NOTE: This is a great program for horses in recovery or being challenged with unresolved/"mystery" lameness issues.

16 sessions/weeks (usually starts weekly then moves to bi-weekly according to your horses needs)

  • $6000. ​

  • or 3 payments of $2000.

Equine Wellness Maintenance Plan

Requirement: post 4-Month Signature Equine Wellness Program completion. Ongoing visits on a bi-weekly/occasional basis, depending on need. 

  • $250/hour per horse

Equine Bodywork Demo Exchange Program

(once COVID19 guidelines allow non-essential gatherings)

This is a service exchange in lieu of payment program.

YOU receive a no-cost 45-60 minute equine bodywork session for one of the horses in your care, which we'll use as our demo horse (a $250. value). All you need to do is arrange for 6-8 interested individuals to be in attendance to observe our bodywork demo. In exchange, WE receive access to potential clients, and intro into your equine community. This is a win-win for both of us!

Equine Massage Clinic for Horse Owners

This is a 3 hour event held at your own barn/ranch using your own horses. We go over foundational massage techniques, core strength importance and a variety of other tools to help you and your horse in between professional care visits. Minimum requirement 6 people (depending on the size of your barn) maximum 10 people.

  • $150 per participant plus any additional fees your barn/ ranch may require.

Please Note: These techniques are intended to give you tools to support your horse(s) overall wellness in between visits from your certified practitioners and vet.

To enroll in one of our Equine Wellness programs:


Horse & Rider Wellness Boost

Because you and your horse are partners, this goal-focused 4-week holistic wellness program is intended to enhance wellness for both of you, together. During your pre-program assessment consultation, you'll identify physiological and emotional/behavioral wellness goals for both you and your horse, as well as one partnership goal for the two of you together. Then via separate horse and human bodywork sessions, assigned homework and journaling exercises, Whole Horse Wellness will work with you and your horse to address these goals. Intended Outcome: Noticeable improvement in performance, suppleness, relaxation and flexibility for both you and your horse, and a clearer path to goal success. Plus a deeper connection between you and your horse. 

  • 4 weekly visits for your horse @$250/hour & 4 separate weekly visits for you @$130/hour. 

Note: This beneficial program requires a dedicated commitment of your time and energy, so be prepared to carve out appropriate time in your schedule to accommodate 2 wellness visits per week plus time for between visit wellness work and journaling.



  • All programs are needs-based and include pre-visit consult and first day in-person/hands-on assessment.

  • All programs are multi-modality (including Equine Craniosacral Therapy, Equine Myo-Manipulative Functional Therapy, and/or Equine Acupressure).

  • Multi-Visit programs are goals-focused and include weekly owner/guardian check-ins, visit recap and between-visit care assignments, both to support & maintain equine wellness and increase therapeutic effectiveness between visits.

  • Multi-Visit program enrollees receive Before/After photos (post program).

  • 4-Month program enrollees also receive monthly wellness progress reports.

  • Mandatory NEW CLIENT intake process requires completion of in-depth paperwork packet (per horse).

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