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All sessions range from 1 to 1 1/2 hours 


Trauma Release is tailored to help horses overcome past negative experiences, injuries, and behavioral issues. My specialized sessions are focused on restoring your horse's happiness and well-being, taking into account your horse's individual pace and ability to process and release. I understand that the healing process takes time, and am committed to supporting you and your horse every step of the way.

Trauma in horses can be a very challenging and frustrating experience. It can be something you have been dealing with from the very beginning or it can come up out of nowhere. I have addressed trauma in many horses over the years and helped them feel safe, learn to trust and become wonderful and loving partners once again.

TBT Skeletal Alignment

Tucker BioKinetic Technique

solves the long list of horse

diseases and problems that are

otherwise only 'manageable' or a

'training issue.'

The technique

goes beyond traditional medicine

and into energy bodywork.

As this technique treats the primary

underlying cause for presenting

symptoms, it can create instant

change in the horse and eliminate

the need for continued therapies,

medications, injections, and even


What does TBT do? How does TBT 


Once uncovering the primary cause

of the horse's pain or issue, a gentle

2-handed touch is used to coax the

horse back into alignment both

skeletally and viscerally to achieve

complete healing. Horses love it.

Some of the many areas TBT can help:

  • Arthritis

  • Navicular Issues

  • Suspensory Injury

  • Chronic Colic

  • Fly Allergies

  • Phantom Lameness

  • Back Soreness

  • Mare Issues

  • Stiffness

  • Unwilling to Bend

  • Preferring One 

  • Direction

  • Bucking

  • Rushing Courses

  • Counter-Cantering

  • Rearing

  • Cold-Backed

  • and so much more ...


Equine Rehabilitation post-injury and during stall rest

My approach to equine rehabilitation is centered on personalized care and specialized programs designed to meet the individual needs of each horse. With a focus on holistic healing and expert guidance, I aim to optimize recovery and enhance overall well-being. Through hands-on bodywork, TBT Skeletal alignment and specialized core strengthening. I am committed to supporting your horse's rehabilitation journey and help them regain their strength and mobility.  

Always per vet approval    


Bodywork is so very important and helpful to horses recovering from injury and during stall rest. Their bodies are designed to move throughout the day and when confined due to injury they become sore. Over an extended period of stall rest they can even develop muscle atrophy. Bodywork helps to stimulate the muscles and maintain blood flow to the tissues which in turn helps to keep them more comfortable and maintain better motility and muscle function.

Equine Wellness Maintenance Plan

Ongoing visits on a bi-weekly/occasional basis, depending on need. 

Equine Bodywork Demo Exchange Program

This is a service exchange in lieu of payment program.

YOU receive a no-cost 45-60 minute equine bodywork session for one of the horses in your care, which I'll use as my demo horse (a $250. value). All you need to do is arrange for 6-8 interested individuals to be in attendance to observe the bodywork demo. In exchange, I receive access to potential clients, and intro into your equine community. This is a win-win for both of us!

Equine Massage Clinic for Horse Owners

This is a 3 hour event held at your own barn/ranch using your own horses. Together we go over foundational massage techniques, core strength importance and a variety of other tools to help you and your horse in between professional care visits. Minimum requirement 6 people (depending on the size of your barn) maximum 10 people.

$150 per participant plus any additional fees your barn/ ranch may require.

Please Note: These techniques are intended to give you tools to support your horse(s) overall wellness in between visits from your certified practitioners and vet.

Whole Horse Wellness requires all new clients to complete the necessary paperwork prior to our first session together. This helps us understand your horse's needs and make sure we provide the best possible treatment. 

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