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Testimonial: 'My horse, Shane, was visibly grateful after the bodywork session he received. I could see the positive impact immediately.'

Bodies talk to me, they always have. They share with me what they need in the moment.


The way I experience this is like a dance, a conversation and finger painting.

The dance can be formal, spicy or intimate. They always start with the greeting, which is like a bow. I stand in front of them, with my hands open allowing them to sniff or nibble my hands as I ask, “how may I be of service today?” Then I step in closer and ask to touch them.

The formal dance is when a horse and I are getting to know each other. As I step in close to touch them, they step away and so we go back and forth. Me touching and massaging then stepping away often allowing them to process the changes in their body.

The spicy dance is when the horse has a lot of energy or is impatient and doesn’t like standing still. With this dance there is a lot more moving along with them as I work. Massaging, moving with them, then stepping away to allow them to process.

The intimate dance is like a slow dance. Its when they relax into my touch and I stand much closer to them. It’s like a slow dance embrace. The horse and I become one as I move along their body, massaging, breathing and stepping away to allow them to process.

Through all the dances there is the conversation ~ “yes, I hear you, good job, I know this is uncomfortable, you’re doing great”, “Thank you for sharing” and sometimes I find myself responding to the horses nearby asking to have a turn. “Yes, you’re next, I promise.” or “ yes, I’d be happy to work with you, tell your owner you want to work with me.”

Sometimes they share pictures of an abuse or trauma they experienced.

The finger painting: for me the horse is this beautiful big canvas with all these magnificent colors on it. As I move my hands along their body, looking for and releasing pain, tension and emotions, the colors begin to blend and separate, creating new colors, shapes and patterns.

At the end of the session I have this magnificent painting in the form of a beautiful horse. Relaxed, much more comfortable and blissed out, they look a bit stoned.

Their head and neck are lowered, their eyes are closed, breathing gently and fully as they process and feel the changes in their body.


This gives me a deep understanding and connection with your horse and how to help them.


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