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What's Possible

Alice creates positive changes in your horse's wellness.

You'll find that your horse: 

  • Is more relaxed, less stressed, has less emotional trauma​

  • Has better ease & freedom of movement, better range of motion

  • Has less pain or discomfort

  • Is feeling happier, with improved mood and feeling of general wellness

  • Shows better performance and ability to function correctly

  • Has better posture, stance and balance, including:

    • Better use of hind end​

    • Improved top-line

    • Greater core strength


Over time, you'll discover that your horse's:​​

  • Compensating behaviors have been unwound​

  • Underlying cause of wellness issue has been identified & resolved

  • Years of active, joyful functionality and performance have been extended


Alice creates positive changes in your own wellness.


You'll find that you can:

  • Experience greater financial health due to fewer vet bills, less need for meds, supplements & special feed, etc. (Depending on your horses unique situation and needs)

  • Have greater peace of mind, and less stress

  • Have a deeper human/equine relationship, because your horse is spending less time in recovery, and more time enjoying an active life with you!

  • Have better performance with your horse


Over time, you'll discover that you can:​​

  • Enjoy extended years of active, joyful life with your horse

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