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Equine Massage Clinic for Horse Owners

Learn how to support your horse with body work in between professional care visits

We all love our horses and want to do whatever we can to keep them healthy and happy. A great way to do this is to learn some foundational massage techniques that you can use regularly to help keep your horse relaxed, comfortable and happy. All horses I work with improve significantly and overcome the issue(s) I was called out to assist with. And, what I have observed is the horses who's owners do the support work in between sessions have a faster and more lasting result than those who do not do the support work. 


What we will cover:

  • Instruction on maintenance massage and stretching

  • Overview of core strength importance and review of basic and advanced techniques and stretches

  • Overview of the benefits of massage for horses

  • Overview of the muscular system (handout provided)

  • Techniques to improve and deepen your bond with your horse

  • Equine do's and dont's (safety first)

  • How to engage all your senses for the wellbeing of your horse

These clinics are offered monthly. To schedule a clinic at your barn/ranch contact me at: and put "Clinic" in the subject line. Minimum of 6 participants (depending on size of your barn) maximum 10 participants. This is a 3 hour clinic. We will be working with your own horses.

Please Note: These practices are intended to give you tools to support your horses overall wellness in between visits from your certified practitioners and vet.

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