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Why Choose Alice?

Alice takes a heart-centered, holistic and innovative approach to equine wellness. She has a different philosophy and way of doing things than many other equine bodywork businesses.


I look at the WHOLE horse, not just the specific area apparently at issue. Why? I recognize the amazing interconnectedness of all parts of your horse.


Here are some other ways my uniqueness positively affects your experience with me. Based on your horse's unique wellness needs:

  • I work with you to create an individually tailored, therapeutic wellness plan and specific wellness goals for your horse

  • Adjusts my scope and direction of wellness work, as needed

  • Has no cookie cutter working method or approach. I use multiple modalities, alone or in concert

  • Assigns you between-visit wellness regimen, both to encourage you to actively participate in the therapeutic process for your horse, and to help increase between-visit wellness efficacy

  • Works constantly to gain knowledge, learn new techniques, improve existing techniques and increase the scope and number of tools in my tool-box

  • Focuses my wellness work on problem solving, and uses an investigative approach to identify and resolve the underlying cause(s) of the issue(s) affecting your horse.

  • Addresses the compensation issues as they present, and unwinds the behaviors that can disguise the underlying cause(s) of the issue(s) affecting your horse

  • Consults (as needed) with other equine wellness professionals in the search for a resolution to your horse(s) wellness issue(s),

  • Recommends other equine wellness professionals for you to consult, if your horses' wellness needs are beyond the scope of what I can address.

  • Works with other professionals in a team capacity as needed

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