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Craniosacral Therapy

Myofacial Release Massage



Trauma Release

TBT Skeletal Alignment 

Let's talk about what's possible with Alice's bodywork and TBT Skeletal alignment therapy for your horse's wellness.


Alice specializes in creating positive changes that can transform your horse's life. When your horse receives Alice's therapy, you'll start noticing some amazing differences:


Imagine your horse becoming more relaxed, shedding stress and emotional trauma along the way. Picture them moving with greater ease and freedom, enjoying a wider range of motion. And say goodbye to any signs of pain or discomfort—they'll be feeling happier and experiencing an overall sense of wellness.


But that's not all. With Alice's therapy, your horse's performance can reach new heights. They'll function better, with improved posture, stance, and balance. Just think about the benefits:


  • Better use of their hind end

  • An improved top-line

  • Greater core strength


Over time, these changes become even more profound. Alice's therapy unwinds any compensating behaviors your horse may have developed, getting to the root of any wellness issues and resolving them for good. This means more years of active, joyful functionality and top-notch performance.


And it's not just about your horse—Alice also works wonders for your own wellness. With her therapy, you can expect:


Financial relief, thanks to fewer vet bills and reduced need for medications, supplements, and special feed (depending on your horse's unique needs)

  • Peace of mind and less stress

  • A deeper bond with your horse, as they spend more time enjoying life with you and less time in recovery mode

  • Improved performance in your equestrian pursuits


And just like with your horse, these benefits extend over time. You'll enjoy many more years of an active, joyful life together, thanks to Alice's expertise and care.


Ready to see these transformations firsthand? Let's get started!


    OR CALL: 650-533-8882

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