"Horses are amazing beings, with huge, hearts, offering unconditional love to those willing to receive openly."
-Alice R Collins

Alice R Collins has been an intuitive body worker since age 15. More recently, she has put her time and energy into becoming an Equine Intuitive Massage Therapist (EIMT) and Certified Equine Craniosacral Therapist (ECST).


In her 20's, Alice worked in the veterinary field intending to become a vet tech specializing in horses, but when life redirected her, she chose to focus on family, raising four children to adulthood.


Years later, while experiencing significant life changes, including a divorce, the call of her Soul brought Alice to an awakening, a new Spiritual path, new ways of healing, and a completely new way of Being.

The life changes Alice experienced opened the door for her to follow her heart's passion, returning to equine work in a way that combines her spiritual and hands-on healing paths. Being an intuitive body worker has helped Alice hone her ECST and EIMT skills while expanding her ability to "hear and feel" what the horses' body is saying.

Many of the horses Alice works with are rescues from abuse/neglect situations, who have been lovingly rehabbed. 

"Regardless of their traumatic history it is humbling and mind-blowing to experience the love and compassion these beautiful horses radiate as they heal."
- Alice R Collins


These therapies are NOT intended to replace proper veterinary or medical care.

Service Area: SF Peninsula, San Jose & Santa Cruz Mountains, CA


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