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Enroll in a Human Therapeutic Bodywork Program Now!

One Intuitive Massage session

$130 per hour, $195 per 90-minute visit (payable at time of service)

Intuitive Massage Treatment Package

Prepaid Package: 4x60-minutes @ $480, 4x90-minutes @ $720

Horse & Rider Wellness Boost

Because you and your horse are partners, this goal-focused 4-week holistic wellness program is intended to enhance wellness for both of you, together. During your pre-program assessment consultation, you'll identify physiological and emotional/behavioral wellness goals for both you and your horse, as well as one partnership goal for the two of you together. Then via separate horse and human bodywork sessions, assigned homework and journaling exercises, Whole Horse Wellness will work with you and your horse to address these goals. Intended Outcome: Noticeable improvement in performance, suppleness, relaxation and flexibility for both you and your horse, and a clearer path to goal success. 4 weekly visits for your horse  @$250/hour & 4 separate weekly visits for you @$130/hour.

Note: This beneficial program requires a dedicated commitment of your time and energy, so be prepared to carve out appropriate time in your schedule to accommodate 2 wellness visits per week plus time for homework and journaling.



  • Intuitive Massage session price is per hour.

  • All programs have a required client intake process (including paperwork) that must be completed prior to program visit.

To enroll in our Human Therapeutic Bodywork Programs, email:

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