Add equine craniosacral therapy and/or equine intuitive massage therapy to your horse's wellness regimen to improve equine health, well-being and performance.
These therapies are powerful on their own and when combined offer even greater benefits.

Equine Craniosacral  

Therapy  (ECST)

ECST is a gentle, supportive therapy that helps your horse maintain their ideal health and conformation, release tension, and reduce the chances of injury through the application of "light touch" to key areas of your horse's body.

Equine Intuitive Massage Therapy (EIMT)

EIMT offers the same benefits to horses as to humans. It helps relieve pain, stress and tension, improve circulation, lower blood pressure, improve skin quality and elasticity and helps reduce the chance of injury or re-injury. EIMT can also help improve performance and your relationship with your horse.

These therapies are NOT intended to replace proper veterinary or medical care.

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