Intuitive Massage For the Rider

Intuitive Massage incorporates multiple types of massage to best meet client needs. The intuitive masseur listens to what the client’s body tells her and varies the massage type, pressure and rhythm as she is guided. This allows the masseur to provide the client with a massage that is the most supportive and beneficial to the client in that moment.

A standard massage treatment is designed to create the same experience on both sides of the body, and depending on client needs, Intuitive Massage may not follow this pattern. Why? Clients use their bodies in unique, and not always balanced ways each day. The client may also be dealing with unevenly placed injuries or soreness on a given day that cause other parts of the client’s body to overcompensate. All this means that stress patterns on each side may differ, or different muscle sets may be overtaxed or misused on one side more than the other. The intuitive masseur is sensitive to this, and adjusts her treatment based on how she is guided.

Horseback riders are athletes, using their bodies in ways that can overtax various muscle sets and cause physical stress, tension and discomfort. A rider’s balance, posture and the ability to correctly use natural aids (legs, weight-shift, hands, seat) can be adversely affected. A lack of balance and compromised posture in the rider can create a lack of balance, gait issues, and discomfort in the horse. Rider stress and tension can also cause behavioral issues, nervousness and insecurity in the horse. All of this combined can negatively impact focus and performance and generally lead to an unenjoyable ride. 

Intuitive Massage reduces stress, tension and discomfort, which helps riders attain better balance, posture, flexibility and range of motion. This can help both the rider and the horse perform better and have a more enjoyable experience.

These therapies are NOT intended to replace proper veterinary or medical care.

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